Monday, July 09, 2012

Is this the next destination for transatlantic flights from Norway

- Scandinavian Airlines may launch direct flights from Norway to Houston Texas

Houston skyline by evening: Photo: Hequals2henry
Scandinavian Airlines may launch non-stop flights from one oil capital to another. According to Norway's main newspaper,  Aftenposten, there may soon be non-stop flights from the centre of Norways's oil industry,  Stavanger to its American counterpart, Houston in Texas
Translatlantic flights from Norway have been a success for air carriers Scandinavian Airlines and Continental, that fly daily between Oslo Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport. Both companies leave daily with fully booked planes. The other main carrier in the market, Norwegian Air Shuttle will also launch non-stop flights with their brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliners between Oslo and New York City in 2013, promising lower ticket prices to passengers. 
Stavanger Cathedral (1100 AD) by aqwis
Scandinavian Airlines is no planning direct flights to Houston Texas, hoping to attract business travelers especially from the prosperous Norwegian oil industry. Usually transcontinental non-stop flights have been set up from Oslo Airport, but there are rumors that the coming service will leave from Stavanger Airport, connecting two main centres of oil industry. 
These are only rumors, and we will see whether there will be enough interest in the market for flights to Houston, a destination that may be off the beaten track for Norwegian travelers, compared to other American cities. Another interesting question is whether the interest from the oil industry is high enough to sustain direct flights between the two cities.    

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