Monday, June 18, 2012

Speicherstadt - Hamburg

Speicherstadt. Photo GeorgeHH
Speicherstadt is Hamburgs warehouse district. It has, during the last years, gone through an extensive restoration the last decade, and is today one of the most beautiful areas of Hamburg.
Speicherstadt came into our view as we walked along the seafront on our way from our hotel to the city centre. It is the largest timber-pile founded warehouse district in the world. Speicherstadt was developed during 4 decades from 1883. Parts were damaged during World War II, but the whole area has been completely restored.
Speicherstadt rests on several islands connected with several bridges. The whole area is covered by massive red brick buildings decorated with little towers, alcoves, and glazed terra cotta ornaments. Some are in use as offices, others house museums and other cultural institutions. Other areas have been converted into apartments.

What a place to live!!
I strongly recommend a walk in Speicherstadt as a part of your exploration of Hamburg city centre. It is a remarkable city area and an important part of the history of the old trade centre.

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