Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Philosophen weg or the philosophers' walk - Heidelberg

Yes, this is the direction to the Philosophenweg
A great way to start your sightseeing in Heidelberg is to take the scenic Philosophers' Walk where you can enjoy a great view of the valley and the old town.
Exercise to walk up the hill
Philosophers' Walk starts at the northern side of the Neckar along the Heiligenberg (Saints' Mountain).

We started by walking up a steep street lined by some very impressive houses, or mansions. This trip will do you good in more ways than one. Taking the  Philosophers' Walk you will get your heart going through some really good exercise.
Heidelberg has Germany oldest university founded in 1386. Through the centuries its philosophers and university professors walked and talked along this scenic pathway.

As you pass through the city streets you will be relieved by the fact that it is flat, after the steep ascent. Then you will past abundant greenery on a terraced walk way where you can gaze down on the ancient city.
Heidelberg city centre as seen from the philosophers' walk
The last part of the Philo- sophers' walk is through a steep descending paved walkway with steps and you will end up by the Alte Brücke, one of Heidelbergs main sights. A relief for us was that on the other side of the gate there were a long line of bars and restaurant offering a wide variety of beer.

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