Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nifty small bowls and cups for small servings

Tapas bowl from Søstrene Grene
The endless effort to impress friends and family, leads to an equally endless quest for new ideas. This does not only include new ingredients or ways to prepare food. It also includes way to serve food. My newest fad is to have small servings of food in neat pieces of stoneware or china.
Coffee cup / soup bowl from Galligani
I bought handy pieces of china for a small servings at Søstrene Grene, once only found in Copenhagen, but now even with a shop in downtown Oslo. 90% of the things offered at Søstrene Grene is just junk, but the remaining 10% are partly decorative, partly handy items. 
These blue small and deep bowls were classed as tapas bowls at Søstrene Grene, but I use them for small servings of soup or portions of chocolate mousse.
Another smart investment made at Søstrene Grene is small  smart oven proof stoneware dishes with lid, perfect for side dishes to a main meal. I use them to warm spinach in the oven but they are perfect for portions dauphinoise potatoes direct from the oven.
These designer cups bought at Galligani are marketed as coffee cups, and they are perfect in size for a lungo coffee. They even come with a small teaspoon that rests in the specially designed handle. They are, however, perfect for soups, as the handle may be used as a small beak to drink from, if you do not want to use the spoon, that is.

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