Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lobster bisque from Royal Greenland

We recommend Royal Geeenland lobster bisque as a decent alternative to home made soup, but it can never, ever replace it.....          
For those of you that want a good lobster bisque, you are recommended to prepare it from scratch. As an exception you can find good, ready made alternatives. The Lobster bisque from Royal Greenland was such an exception to the rule. 
Most often there is no alternative to the hard way if you want to serve good seafood as starters or main meals. The products founds in freezers or refrigerators in supermarkets are often low quality products with too little taste and too much salt.

Lobster bisque with marinated tiger prawns
This was not the case with the frozen lobster bisque from Royal Greenland. It was expensive (EUR 6,50) for two portions, but it had that good, creamy consistency. It had a lovely saffron colour, and had retained the aromas of the sea, without being to salty, rather providing that sweetness you often get from fresh lobster.

Another nice thing was that the package of Royal Greenland lobster bisque contained two separate portions, enough for a nice shot of soup for two. I added a little condensed milk for extra creaminess and taste, and garnished the soup with cooked tiger prawns marinated in garlic.

If you find the Royal Greenland lobster bisque (and likes this dish), we recommend this as a decent option to home made soup, but it can never, ever replace it.....        
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