Friday, June 01, 2012

Italian grub on Schiphol Airport

Mediterranean Snack Bar, Schiphol Airport - Amsterdam
Few things make me so hungry as traveling. After having taken the first, very short part of our South American oddyssey, we took a snack at Mediterranean Sandwich Bar at Schiphol airport.
We, i.e. my friend Laila and I, was very excited to be on our way to Peru. We had breakfast at our hotel, a snack at Oslo airport as well as being served on board KLM Dutch Airlines on our way to Amsterdam - and we were still hungry.
Focaccia - great stuff, yum, yum.......
Laila is Italian mad, and I also enjoy Italian food, and the Mediterranean Sandwich Bar was a natural choice for us. Coffee, mineral water and Foccacia with cheese, ham, and ruccola.
I love foccacia - white bread with olive oil, herbs and salt on top. Ours was wrapped in brown paper, and so soaked in olive oil that it stained the wrapping.

It was a delicious snack that gave us the necessary carb-kick to get us off the ground, heading south west, over Spain, the vast Atlantic, the Amazon forest, and over the Andes.

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