Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Huaca Pucllana, Lima

Peru is famous for the Inca culture. This culture was however the latest in a long line of different cultures on which the Inca rulers built their reign. Historic monuments from these are scattered over this large country and many are also found in Lima. One of them is the Huaca Pucllana - the large pyramid.
Huaca Pucllana dates back as 200 AD and was extended until 700 AD. It is made from clay and adobe. It is fascinating to see all the the neatly organized bricks that make up the foundation of this huge construction. 
The name Huacla Pucllana is derived from the Quechua word “pucllay,” meaning “game. It was built for ceremonial and administrative purposes by the Lima Culture, that developed in the Peruvian Central Coast between the years of 200 AD and 700 AD. There are also remains from the Wari Culture (500 AD-900 AD) that followed the Lima culture on the site. 
We read about Huacla Pucllana and as it is located in Miraflores, where we stayed, we were determined to find it. We checked the map, walked from our apartment, up to Parque Kennedy, and continued on past the inca market before turning into a side street. 
We were surprised to find that the Huacla Pucllana was located in the middle of a residential area. It is a vast structure, and its pyramide shape is still visible, even though it has been worn down. As Lima is locared in a desert, erosion by water is a small problem, so the Huacla Pucllana as well as other ancient sites are well preserved. 
You can get access to the Huacla Pucllana, but we were tired by walking and took photos from outside the fence. I do regret the fact that we did not visit the Huacla Pucllana, as it is an extremely impressive structure. The heat during that day made it necessary for us to retreat to a café nearby for a cold Inca cola.      

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