Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Grocery shopping in Peru

What would life be without cheese. Here is a Peruvian selection.
Staying in an apartment in Lima gives you a possibility to live an everyday life. This includes one of my favourite past-time, doing some grocery shopping at the local supermarket. Here is what we bought for our refrigerator back in Calle San Fernando in Miraflores, Lima.

The Colby cheese is a  semi-hard cheese. It was originally marketed as Colby Swiss Cheddar cheese and originates from , and is named after the town of Colby, Wisconsin. This particular cheese is manufactured by Mainland - originally a New Zealand brand that sells products around the world, also in South America. The blue container is a cream cheese. It had the same taste and texture as a Philadelpia cheese. The Bonle cream cheese  is made by the  Peruvian Gloria Grupo
No, this is not slices of Dutch cheese, but Peruvian produced Edam cheese by Laive, sliced and packed in the supermarket. Laive is a major Peruvian producer of dairy product as well as other food products and meats, and these slices of cheese ended up on our warm breakfast sandwiches enjoyed on the terrace with warm coffee and fresh orange juice.   

We bought this smoked bacon believing it to be cured ham. Against all professional advise we ate this uncooked pork product raw, and it seriously tasted like cured smoked Spanish-style ham to us. I am glad to say that we suffered no discomfort. The tocino ahumado was produced by the Braedt gourmet products
Smoked ham is a favourite ingredient on our breakfast sandwiches . We were not fooled by this product, as this cocida ahumado by Valega's Gourmet was definitely not bacon, as it looked and tasted like our traditional ham from home.
This butter with salt picturing a happy cow was found in our local delicatessen just around the corner., where we also bought our pastry for breakfast   
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