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Fried wolffish with white wine sauce

Fried wolffish with white wine sauce

I hated fish, when I was a kid. This as my father, when he was on leave from his job, loved fishing and brought fish home for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After he died, I did not eat fish for throughout my teenage years. Now, however, fish is high up on my list of favourite foods. Especially those deep water fish with firm, white meat. One of these are the Wolffish, and I served delish fried fillet of this deep water beast the other day.
Fish like wolffish, monkfish, halibut or turbot does not come cheap. A fillet will cost you up to NOK 80 or around 10 Euros, so it is definitely food for a special occasion.
I bought my fillet at Meny Colosseum, my local and a well stocked supermarket in Oslo. I looked for a fillet of monkfish, but the small monkfish tail was priced at NOK 359 (47,61 EUR / 60 USD) per kilo. Most of that weight would have been the tail fin, so I chose the wolffish instead. I ended up paying NOK 139 (EUR 18,43 / USD 23,38) for two fillets.
The delicious white wolffish fillets
When preparing white fish, season gently with pepper, salt, lemon and dill, or choose your own favourite fish seasoning. I used Tone's Salmon and seafood seasoning, bought in the United States, containing dried onion, garlic, lemon peel, dill and other spices.
I fried the fish in hot butter 4-5 minutes on both sides, until lightly brown. It started to curl in my frying pan, a good sign that it was fresh. I am determined not to overcook fish, so I ended up undercooking it. I should have done it as I have done earlier - placing the fish in the oven 5-10 minutes at the  end of the cooking time. My rule with fish is, however, better undercooked than overcooked.
Jacobs white wine sauce
I am a lazy cook during weekdays (and this was a Wednesday), so I looked for a good ready made sauce. Many pre-made sauces fail to meet my standard on taste and consistency. If looking for a pre made sauce I usually choose John & Manfred or Jacobs utvalgte. I found Jacobs utvalgte white wine sauce at Meny and decided to give it a go. It was thick and creamy, well balanced - an excellent choice for my wolffish.
And do not throw away the remaining butter in your frying pan after you’ve fried the fish. Add it to the sauce.....
I had been to my allotment that day, and large juicy spinach leaves were ready to be harvested. I wilted the leaves in a hot pan, placed them in small oven proof dishes - topped with a dollop of butter and placed in a hot oven - lid on. Good stuff!!
I garnished the fillet with large cooked tiger prawns, poured white wine sauce over and served with fried rösti potatoes and butter steamed spinach. Yum, yum........

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