Thursday, June 14, 2012

First harvest salad

Our own harvest of salad leaves garnished with chicken drumsticks
This is a historic photo. The salad leaves are from our own allotment. Sown just four weeks ago we were ready for our first harvest, and there is more left - much, much more......
We started the work at our allotment back in April. Just four weeks ago we sowed vegetables and salads. Now our salad beds are filled to capacity. Yesterday we picked the mixed salad, spinach leaves and ruccola and took them home and made a delicious salad. There was so much that I prepared another helping today.

I placed the leftover salad on a plate, garnished a serious amount of grated parmesan cheese, sour cream dressing, croutons. I garnished with some lightly fried chicken drumsticks.

Who said that salad could not be tasty? First and foremost - the salad leaves were the biggest difference, as they were so fresh, crispy and full of flavour. Ingredients like these cannot fail.

So I am looking forward to more tasty salads this summer. I will keep you posted.

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