Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Fenaknoken, Oslo - presentation

I spent a few hours tasting Norwegian specialties at Fenaknoken a a few weeks ago. For those of you looking for high quality food products to bring home, Fenaknoken is one out several specialty shops in Oslo. 

Fenaknoken is located by Oslo City Hall. The cook Eirik Bræk, his father Oddmund and uncle Gudbrand has established maybe the shop to explore Norwegian food culture. At Fenaknoken you can get the famous fenalår, salted and cured leg of lamb as well as other more exotic products. 
Fenaknoken offers a wide variety of products as locally produced cheese, home made jams (try their rowan berry jelly - yum!), flat bread, dried fruits. If you are brave, you can buy the infamous smalahove (cured and salted sheepshead), as well as dried meat from wild sheep.
Fenaknoken is a must for the culinary tourist, and even the French paper Le Monde is said to have had a very favourable review of the shop, calling it one of the best sights of Oslo. I have, however not been able to find the article on the net.


Address: Tordenskiolds g 7
Phone: + 47 22 42 34 57
Fax: + 47 22 42 34 78
Website: (Norwegian only)

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