Friday, June 15, 2012

COMING UP: Paris - France

In July I will visit Paris, France. I cannot wait to revisit the magnificent French capital. 
The beautiful Place de Vosges. Photo: Thbz
I have visited the French capital several times before, in the pre Enjoy Food & Travel era, but I have a few stories from the city on this site posted by friends. I am, however, excited to return to Paris. 
One of my favourite spots in the French capital is the Marais Quarters and its heart -  the Place de Vosges built between 1605-1612, during the reign of King Henri IV.

We have even managed to get a room in this historic area at the Hotel Pratic.

I particularly look forward to a plate of Salade Perigordaise at a small bar in the arcades of the Place de Vosges I always return to. A salad garnished with cured duck breast, foie gras and a half roasted quail.

So stay tuned for stories from beautiful Paris here on Enjoy Food & Travel: 

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