Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spareribs - easy Swedish grub

Pre marinaded, prepared sparerib to be served fresh from the BBQ. Photo: MaxiMat website

Easy choice of grub for dinner after our Swedish excursion on Saturday. Spareribs ready to be served for just SEK 39,90 ($ 5,71 / € 4,44), a kilo, and I did as Oscar Wilde said; I can resist anything but temptation, and gave in!
But I was in fact disappointed when I discovered that the spareribs were ready to be served, as I like to give mine a long roast on low temperature for a moist and deliciously tender result. The ribs offered by Rib World were good, but not as delicious as if I had prepared them. 
When going to Sweden you will get your ribs for a ridiculously low price, or a more correct price as this cut of meat is more bones than meat. Here in Norway they will charge you a staggering a three or four times price tag for spareribs, making it one of the most pricy cut of meats, if you take the amount of meat you pay for.
Ironically there is not much spareribs offered to Norwegian consumers as Norwegians love their full cut of rib of pork to prepare, especially for Christmas, and this cut of meat is exceptionally inexpensive. Strange really. 
Back to my Swedish ribs. Tasty American style seasoning, with a sweet glaze, and tender - sticky, dripping, dirty, finger food, served with potato gratin. Yum, yum!! Two bottles of imported Samuel Adams Boston Lager underlined the American theme of the whole meal.
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