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Rating Comfort Runway Hotel, Oslo Airport

Comfort Hotel Runway - double bed
Back in March our flight to Peru departed at 6.30 AM in the morning. That is way we chose to book a hotel room at Oslo airport. The hotel that offered the best deal for a double room was Comfort Hotel Runway, located west of Norway's major airport. In spite of the marketing we found our Comfort Hotel Runway experience very disappointing.
Rating the Comfort Hotel Runway experience: BBBB- (3,63 points)
  • Location: BBB+
  • Service: BBB+
  • Room: BBB
  • Breakfast: BBBB
  • Facilities: BBBB-
  • Price: BBBB
Comfort Hotel Runway is located a 15 minute shuttle bus drive away from the terminal building. The shutte bus operates all hours except for a few hours when the terminal building is closed. You are, as the name suggests, by the western runway, but isolated windows shut nearly all the noise out. 
Comfort Hotel Runway was opened in 2010. It offers 300 double rooms with sound proof windows. It has a FoodCourt serving sushi, wraps, or Mediterranean food as well as warm and cold beverages. The FoodCourt is open 24/7 offering breakfast for early birds, as us that were to depart early in the morning.

We were met by professional staff both in the reception and at breakfast, but after we had been given our keys and locked ourselves into our room we were quite surprised, and not in a positive manner.

The room at Comfort Hotel Runway was dark and very small and compact - too compact. It was dominated by a large (and rather uncomfortable bed). A small narrow window made sure very little light entered. The interior design was unpleasant.

I looked partly unfinished and the shabby finish was interrupted by spots of uncomfortably strong colours. The bathroom was modern, immaculately maintained but very small. All in all the double room and bathroom at Comfort Hotel Runway were uncomfortably small for two.  
We helped ourselves to breakfast very early, and it included options for those that want eggs and bacon or thiose that wants a healthy start with fruit, cereal and yogurt. We chose a breakfast worthy of the long journey in front of us - cheese, cold cuts, scramled eggs and streaky bacon, coffe and juice.

Other facilitites at Comfort Hotel Runway are: 
  • A well functioning free WiFi throughout the hotel 
  • Fitness room with view to the runway 
  • Airconditioning 
  • Safe
We paid NOK 780 ($ 130,73 / € 102,27) for a double room, breakfast included in the price, cheap in a high cost country as Norway, but it was not nice to stay at Comfort Hotel Runway, so much so that I will not choose it again.  

Comfort Hotel Runway
Hans Gaarders veg 27,
2060 Oslo Airport Gardermoen, Norway
Phone :+47 63 94 88 88
Faks:+47 63 94 88 89
Hotel website (English)

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