Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Food on rails, food in the air

Our table on board the train to Macchu Picchu
The days we coukd expect meals included in our air fare is definitely over in Europe. In Peru, however, you get meals on wings, as well as rails. It was not much, but it was included. Great stuff!!

Honey cereal, fruit salad and ham sandwich
Food on board PeruRail

On board the comfortable train on our way to Macchu Picchu we were seated around a table with a traditional table cloth.
My sister had traveled with the PeruRail four months earlier and told us that would be served a small meal as we were transported along the narrow valley leading down to the mythic Inka city.
On our way down to Macchu Picchu we were presented with a small meal, honey roasted cereal, a fruit salad with diced water melon.
There were no alcohol available. I decided to work on my altitude sickess, and chose a cup of coca tea, a remedy frequently used by the Inkas in order to endure the hardships in the Andes. 
Salad and pasta - dinner on Peru Rail
As we returned from Macchu Picchu day had turned to dusk as we ventured back to Ollantaytambo and Cuzco. 
This was reflected in our meal on board. As our first meal down was early in the morning, it looked like breakfast, and our evening meal looked like dinner. 
I was offered a bottle of Cusquena, the local beer, but I said no, as I had enjoyed a few pints in Aguas Calientes, and I chose a glass of Inca Kola
It was not a large meal, but it was warm, and large enough to get us back to Cuzco and our hotel.
Plastic wrapped ham 'n cheese sandwich and swiss roll
Snack on board Star Peru
It is a long time since we could get a free meal on a domestic or even an international flight in Europe. But on board Star Peru we got a small meal both ways. 
A plastic packed (and a little dry) sandwich with cheese and ham and a cake, even that a little dry, but it was still a free meal. 
No alcohol here either, but soft drinks, water and coffee and meal. I chose another Inka Kola.

On our flight from Lima to Cuzco - see story here
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