Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Food, flower & plant

Jerusalem, root vegetable and plant closely related to the sunflower.
Funny enough, very few contemplate to plants seeds of grapes, oranges, or even bulbs or roots that they use in their cooking. The fact is, however, that most of them are easy to grow from seeds, stones or bulbs, as this large plant - a Jerusalem artichoke good in food, and decorative plant as well.
The yellow flower of a Jerusalem artichoke
Here is the proof - the Jerusalem artichoke is related to the sunflower. This plant and bright flower grew last summer at Sunnemo, where I have visited friends for years. 
Pucasenca - an indigenous maize variety
Today I finally could plant an avocado stone that has been placed in a shot glass with water. A long root had finally cracked through the shell and I could pick it up and plant it in a small pot. Then I just have to wait for a leaf to appear.

I have earlier tried taro, but this year I tried to sow maize that I have bought in Peru. A wide variety of seeds marked and packed in plastic. 

I planted indigenous maize with names as Pucasenca, Chuspi, Capuli, Oqqueto, Checche, and Quello.
The fascinating process to see the corn sprout just after a few days, turning into 5-10 inch green grass, and all of them sprouted.

Next week we are ready to plant the maize in our allotment, and if we are lucky, we may harvest Andean maize.

Intriguing. I'll keep you posted.

How to use a Jerusalem artichoke: 

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with black truffles - see recipe here

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