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Rating Steens Hotel, Bergen Norway

The old facade of the family run Steens Hotel, Bergen
In April I attended a conference in Bergen, Norway. I made a reservation on booking.com at Steens Hotel run by the Steen family for over 60 years and is located in a historic building in the old city centre. Steens Hotel is for those of you looking for accommodation with atmosphere. 

Rating Steens Hotel, Bergen Norway: BBBB (3,96 points)
  • Location: BBBB+
  • Service: BBBB
  • Room: BBBB-
  • Breakfast: BBB
  • Facilities: BB-
  • Price: BBB
View to small park from my window
Steens Hotel is located in a city mansion on the Nygårdshøyden hill, overlooking the city centre. It is easily accessible - only a 10 minute walk away from the city centre, but be prepared to climb up a steep hill.
Steens Hotel is located in a charming area overlooking the city on one side, and a small park on the other. One, less appealing side of the area, was that it housed a number of drug addicts, not a problem for me, but it may be of some concern for other people.
The front door of the old building led into a stately old reception room with a massive room.

I got my keys (including the one to the front door, as there were no around the clock service at the reception) and shown my way to my room on the 1st floor.
Steens Hotel has 21 rooms that it claimed to be of “good hotel standard in a building from 1890”, offering guests private toilet and shower, telephone, wireless internet access and cable-TV. 

My room at Steens Hotel was spacious and charming. It had view to the local park through a large window with view to the local park. I was, in fact, given a double room for the price of a single, as it had two narrow  twin beds.

The style of the furniture as well as the room was a little dated, in contrast to the rest of the hotel, that was decorated with antique pieces. 
The bathroom was small and had some maintenance needs as well as the rest of the room.. The carpet did not cover the whole floor, and the wallpaper was in the process of falling off the walls. Small details really - easy to correct, and it would lift the experience.

This as I would like to stress that my stay at Steens Hotel was a good experience, in spite of the, in my mind, small details. Steens Hotel had that rare thing called atmosphere, lacking in many other hotels where you stay.  
The room had been thoroughly cleaned with no dust on surfaces. This high hygienic standard also included the bathroom. 
The old time atmosphere also applied to the breakfast experience. It was served in a grand, elegant English style breakfast room - on of the classiest rooms I have seen ever. 
The small breakfast buffet (included) at Steens Hotel offered a basic selection of foods, catering for most needs. The only thing I missed would be warm food. This as I usually choose scrambled eggs and bacon ahead of a busy day, as it usually get me going until noon time. Other than that, the buffet covered most needs. You could pick healthy cereals, fruits yogurts, or make your own sandwich topped with Norwegian cold cuts, cheese, or eggs, served with good home made coffee or tea. 
Working space
At Steens Hotel you have no other facilities found in major hotels. No inhouse bar or restaurant, fitness room, or other facilities. For us travelers it is always nice to be offered a well working wif-fi, and I was very satisfied  with the internet access offered at Steens Hotel.

I booked my single room on booking.com, and paid 890 NOK including VAT. This is a bargain as Bergen is known to have some of the most expensive hotel rooms in Europe. Steens Hotel is absolutely worth this price and Enjoy Food & Travel recommends Steens Hotel as a budget alternative when visiting the city of Bergen, Norway. 

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