Monday, April 09, 2012

Rating KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flights Oslo-Amsterdam-Lima-Amsterdam-Oslo

Photo: KLM Boeing 777-200ER landing at Montréal International Airport by Patrick Cardinal
When booking my airline tickets to Peru, I had a wide range of products to choose from at very different prices. Most required at least one, two, or some even three transfers. I ended up with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, with just one transfer at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. It was one of the pricier of the alternatives, but it was a great airline experience, in fact one of the best I've had.   
Rating KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight Oslo-Amsterdam-Lima-Amsterdam-Oslo: BBBBB- (4,54 points)
  • Check-in: BBBBB
  • Take-off: BBBBB
  • Hospitality: BBBBB
  • Service: BBBBB
  • Complementary: BBBBB
  • Comfort: BBB
  • Flying time: BBBBB
  • Arrival: BBBBB
  • Check-out: BBBBB
  • Duty-free goods: BBBB
  • Price: BBB
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offered a great product, bringing us from Oslo to Lima at an extreme punctuality. Check-in, takeoff, arrival and check out were at or ahead of schedule.

Transfer time in Amsterdam on our way back seemed to be short, but it was a generous amount of time leaving us with an opportunity even to do some duty free shopping.

The KLM Staff provided great service on our way, and we were served complementary food, wine and even hard liquor and we were offered free juice or water continually during our trip. You could also choose from a larger selection of on-flight duty free goods. 

We traveled ordinary KLM Royal Dutch Airlines economy class to Lima. I did, however, find the leg room to be too restricted for such a long flight. For those of you bringing a laptop (as I did) to entertain yourself, you will find that folding it up will be extremely tough if the neighbour in front of you decides to lean back the seat to sleep, as I experienced.

We therefore decided to upgrade to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Economy Comfort on our way back. Paying the extra € 100 per person for more leg room was the best investment we made on our entire trip. On the return trip I could easily use my laptop and get out to take a walk without too much inconvenience to my neighbouring passengers.

We paid around 11 000 NOK (€ 1450 / $ 1900) per person for our KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  round trip ticket (including the upgrading). When could have booked a ticket as little as NOK 7500 (€ 989 / $ 1295), but would have had to have more transfers on our way.

All in all, the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines experience is one of the best I've had in years. My compliments to the staff that made a top effort to make our long-haul trip as pleasant as possible.  

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