Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lazy Sunday chicken

                           Chicken seasoning and bag bought at Scituate Market
I always buy seasoning when I visit destinations outside Europe. Last fall I roamed through the shelves of Scituate Market looking for cooking flavours. I chose a few McCormick Bag'n Season, including this "Original Chicken". This Sunday I made a very lazy chicken for my friend Ketil.
Lazy Sunday chicken, what could be easier. My chicken was less lazy than it could be, as I chose to remove the carcass ending up with boneless drumsticks and breasts. To make it easier, you can easily cut out the breasts and drumsticks or just divide the chicken in two halves and roast them on the bone.
Lazy chicken with baked vegetables
If you do not have Bag'n Season (as most have not been doing the grocery in the US), just use a roasting bag and your favourite seasoning.

I cut open the bag, folded it out. As a bed for the lazy chicken I poured 1/2 kilo (1,1 lb) "lapskaus blanding", i.e. a mix frozen diced potatoes, carrots and leeks on the bottom of the roasting bag. This mix is used to make lapskaus a Norwegian meat and vegetable stew, but is delicious as baked or fried root vegetables.
The Bag'n Season also contained a bag of seasoning. I poured a little olive oil on the chicken to make the seasoning stick. Then I placed the chicken in the bag and sealed it. I made three incision in the bag. Then I placed the bag in a low oven (100 degrees Celsius / 215 degrees Fahrenheit), and baked for six hour.

The juices from the vegetables and chicken made the dish moist and delicious. In spite of the low effort in its preparation it was delicious and worthy a formal Sunday dinner.

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