Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The ultimate pasta with scampi and scallops in cream sauce

I had to make two servings of this pasta dish last weekend
I love scallops. I love tiger prawns. I love pasta. Last weekend I made the ultimate pasta dish with all this goodness.
My sister stayed with me last weekend, and when asked what she wanted for dinner on Thursday her ultimate wish was seafood pasta. I made one batch and when asked on Friday what her wish for dinner would be her answer was: 
- Please make what you did yesterday! 
Photo: SoHome Jacaranda Lilau
And who can resist such a wish for a culinary encore, as this pasta was excellent - even by my standards. So I will try to recollect what I did these two evenings in order to get to such a great culinary result.

With no binding measurements, you cannot call this a recipe, but rather a description of a improvised process.

I always have frozen scallops and tiger prawns in my freezer. I took out 10-15 prawns and 5 large scallops and allowed to thaw. I removed the shells of the prawns and quartered the scallops.
I fried the prawn shells in hot butter added around 20 cl water. To get taste I used 2-3 tbsp Tone's Salmon and seafood seasoning, but use whatever fish spice you like, provided it contains salt in order to be a proper stock. What I liked with the Tone's with the dried lemon peel.
A roux-based sauce with white wine and cream by Oskila
I boiled the prawn shells for 15 minutes, before discarding the shells starting on phase 2, creating a roux, stirring butter and flour.

Use enough butter and flour as this is going to be  a thick sauce not a fish soup.

Start by adding a dash of white wine to the roux, followed by the stock in three rounds, allowing the mix to boil before adding another batch. At this point I found to sauce to be too salty, so I added a little ketchup for colour, sweetness, and acidity. And then I ended it all with a generous amount tabasco and condensed milk to round it all off. 

At this point you should have a good portion of boiled tagliatelle available as the seafood should only be warmed through before being served. Warm the seafood through adding the pasta and mix it all. Serve immediately with grated parmesan.

It was delicious, in fact so that my sister asked for it twice.

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