Thursday, March 29, 2012

Two Inca sites: Pisac and Ollantaytambo

Pisac - citadel. Photo: Manfred Manske 
6.15 PM EST: Another day with more Inka cities. Tour bus with an English speaking guide picked us up at our hotel at 8.30 AM. We traveled to the Pisac, an hour dive from Cusco, did some shopping at the local market, then driving uphill to the Inka site. Had a great buffet lunch at Urumbamba, driving on too another major Inka site at Ollantaytambo. We returned to the hotel at 6.00 PM. Now we have an hour rest before enjoying our last evening in Cusco.
Pisac Market. Photo by Hardscarf
We were supposed to have visited another Inka site at Chinchirro, but as the road had been undermined by water our return route had been closed, so we returned the other way. Our tour guide was excellent giving information on vegetation, culture, geography and other interesting topics of the Sacred Valley. We drove through the mountain pass separating Cusco and the Sacred Valley at 3800 meters over sea level (12 000 feet), driving on to Pisac.

The Pisac Market used to be a very popular an authentic market, but is now more or less the same as all of the rest. I bought a few gifts, but after 45 minutes we drove up to the Inka city of Pisac, once an administrative centre in the valley. The complex is vast, even bigger than Macchu Picchu, with a vast burial ground where mummified remains of 2200 people has been buried in niches in a high cliff.

Then we drove on to Urubamba, stopped and enjoyed a delicious one-hour buffet lunch at El Maize, specializing in local ingredients. We were seated in a beautiful garden area and helped us to a cold and a hot plate and a small dessert.
Photo: The giant site at Ollantaytambo by Bernard Gagnon
Then we visited the giant Inka sight in the town of Ollantaytambo, where we walked up over 200 steps to the summit overlooking the ancient town, where many building still rests on the foundation from the Inka time over 600 years old. There we watched some of the mastership of the Inka engineers.

We drove to Cusco arriving here one hour ago. We will soon head out in the city and get something (light) to eat and take a point at Paddy Flaherty's Pub, the highest Iris Pub in the world.

9.00 PM EST: Back from Inka Grill by Cusco's main square where we chose two servings of Aji de Gallina - Peruvian Spicy Creamed Chicken, god comfort food for a late evening. Returned to hotel, inestead of going to Paddy's as it is raining cats or dogs, or rather lamas, condors or guinea pigs outside and we were soaking wet when returning to the hotel. 

This is just an introduction to extended stories from the Cusco area to come here at Enjoy Food & Travel.

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