Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank God it's Friday

It is Friday, March 23rd 2012, 6.56 AM in Lima, Peru, and this is how the world looks from my angle - from my bed basically. A beautiful day ahead, and I can feel the heat is building up. 
Heliconia like the one we saw. Photo: I, Kenpei
Yesterday was such a beautiful day, yet to be told in its full, as I have so many photos to share with you. I would like to tell one episode.

We walked up Calle Alcanfores, a street nearby and suddenly stood by a gate protecting an enclosed area. Behind the gates were a number of beautiful ornate buildings in bright colours around a small alley with beautiful trees and flowers.

A man clearly watching the area, noted that we were tourists and told us that we could enter, and we walked into this small secluded area.

As we walked down the small alley, I saw a grey haired man walking down the street ahead of us, and as we approached the end of the alley he stood in front of his house, watching us.

We started to talk, informally, and he had seen that we admired the flowers. He told that the houses were built in the early part of the 20th century and belonged to immigrated European families, Greek, Italian, or German.

His wife was German, and the told us that he had a rare botanical treat growing in his backyard, and we were allowed to enter his beautiful house, met his wife and in a small courtyard we saw a large false parrot plant, or heliconia rostrata in bloom. Its flowers were so large, so brightly coloured and we could get a short glimps of what a rainforest could offer.

Lima is full of surprises like these, and I cannot wait for the day to start and see what it has in store for us. This short story starts Friday, March 23rd, and I will keep you updated on what is happening!!

10.10 AM: Have just returned from Supermercado Vivanda, Miraflores - as seen on this clip on YouTube.

Bought English ham and Serrano ham, two brands sliced cheese (one marked from the Andes), tasting plate with cured meats, olives and diced cheese. To quell our thirst I bought 4 bottles of beer, and a bottle of Argentinian Malbec red wine. 

Wonderful weather, close to 30 degrees.....

2.37 PM: Have been to the Miraflores beach area, a disappointment if you ask me.

We had to walk down the same steep road as seen on the end of this YouTube video leading down from the cliffs, risking our lives by crossing past that 4 lane freeway, in order to walk on a dirty and untidy beach area.

Pity, really as it is breathtakingly beautiful down there with the Pacific right out and the city located high up on the top of the cliffs.

Then we climbed the hill and went back to Larcomar, the tourist trap I love. We found a table at Café Havana, overlooking the steep cliffs down to the beach we just left.

We ordered one small Quiche Lorraine each and quelled our thirst with beer, water, coffee and frappe relaxing to the view of the Pacific and the sounds of the waves. Great stuff. Now I am sipping to my bottle of Inca Kola in my nephews apartment.

I wonder what the evening has in store for us?

1.55 AM: I have returned from an evening by Parque Kennedy, slightly influenced by the effect of a Pisco Sour

We started the evening by going to Trattoria di Mambrino. All shared a bootle of Spanish cava to an orange marinated  fish carpaccio. My nephew and my friend Laila followed by ordering a dish of four pepper tenderloin with spaghetti gorgonzola as main course. I, as the truffle hound I am, caught the scent of a taglioni with black truffles, zucchini blossoms and peas and could not resist. An excellent meal in any sense of the word.

Then we spent a few hours small talking drinking a pisco sour followed by two cusquenos, before ending up in our flat in Calle San Fernando.

And tomorrow is another day........

Good night!! 

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