Saturday, March 31, 2012

UPDATED: Saturday! A good day to visit Barranco, Lima

SATURDAY MARCH 31ST 2012 7.50 AM EST: Our second Saturday in Peru, means that our trip is drawing to an end. There are, however, so much to see, and one hot spot is our neighbouring municipality of Barranco a 30 minute walk away from our Lima flat. A Saturday would be a great day for a visit to this part of the Peruvian capital, known for its culture and architecture.

For a visitor to the Peruvian capital, you will soon discover that this vast city is divided into many districts varying in culture, character and wealth. When visiting the historic centre, we could see less privileged parts of the city where small, brightly coloured sheds climbing the hills not far away. There are much poverty in Lima, and it is clearly visible everywhere.

We however enjoy the privilege of our own two floor penthouse appartment in Miraflores, an upscale part of town - at least until Tuesday, that is!

When a trip draws to an end you do have to make your priorities on what to see. My nephew strongly recommended Barranco, due to its charm, and I would like to take a stroll there today (if my traveling companion agrees). I would also like to have another trip to the historic district, and then the last shopping day here will dawn - on Monday.   

I always end up in the local supermarked to buy spices, and I will most certainly stock up on Peruvian condiments to use in my cooking. These are pretty much what you are allowed to bring home, except chocolates and a number of different articles allowed to bring into the EU. This trip has most certainly inspired me to cook more and differently.

My traveling companion Laila has just confirmed that; yes - we will go to Barranco. I will keep you posted on the progress of this last day of March 2012 from Lima - Peru!! Here on Enjoy Food & Travel.  

2.18 PM EST: We have walked our way to Barranco and returned to our appartment for a rest. We found this a slightly confusing experience as the district is located around the Avenida Grau, and we took the route by the ocean.

We managed to find the Avenida Grau, the main street, passing wonderful pieces of classical architecture on our way, some sadly derelict, other restored back to its former glory.

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I am glad to say that we found the gastronomic catch of the say, or rather of the week. As we were looking for a place to cool down we stumbled upon La Pescaderia. The staff discovered that we, in the process of total meltdown, needed a table and we ordered a cold beverages. I hesitated (!) my way to a cold Cuscena (ha-ha).

La Pescaderia served fish, and as we relaxed hunger gradually struck, so - we decided to order lunch. Laila chose crab soup, whereas I chose the salmon and ricotta ravioli. Laila was served a large bowl, as a final resting place for a large Pacific crab in a dark red crab broth.

I got the most delicate pasta cushions immersed in a corral coloured sauce.

Laila and I agreed that the tastes at La Pescaderia were divine!!!!! My raviolis were among the best I have ever tasted (and I am picky!), and we are definitely returning to la Pescaderia for another helping before heading north in order to encapsulate some more flavours in our culinary library.

For fish lovers heading south to Lima, do make note of the address: Miguel Grau 689 Barranco, Lima, Peru. Do not miss it! Fish was awesome. 

Full review with glossy pictures will come here on Enjoy Food & Travel later!!

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