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Rating Palais de Chine, Ferney-Voltaire

Chinese dumplings served as starter at Palais de Chine
I am not the biggest fan of Chinese restaurants, as I assume that most of them are far removed from the original. The Palais de Chine in Ferney-Voltaire is absolutely the rule, rather than the exception. 

Rating the Palais de Chine, Ferney-Voltaire: BBBB (3,95 points) 
  • Location: BBBB+
  • Service: BBBB-
  • Interior & atmosphere: BBBB-
  • Food: BBBB
The charming centre of Ferney-Voltaire
Palais de Chine is located in the hotel with the same name in the community of Ferney-Voltaire, bordering Switzerland.

Ferney-Voltaire is a charming village with quaint houses, restaurants and bars in abundance just a half-hour drive away from Geneva.

The F-bus from the City Hall will take you to Geneva’s main railway station in around 30 minutes, whereas bus Y will take you to the airport. 

Interior of the Palais de Chine is typical for any restaurant around the world. If you have seen one, you have seen them all.

Interior at Palais de Chine
Dark panels, chairs tables combined with red table cloths.

Tables were set formally with glasses, cutlery, china and folded napkins. 

We were comfortable seated and could enjoy a reassuring distance to our fellow diners as there were practically nobody there. 

Decent service, waiter taking our order, and serving us politely and quickly. I ordered fried Chinese dumplings with sweet chili sauce as starter and glazed duck as main course.

Delicious crispy dumplings with sweet chili sauce
The dumplings were served on a bed of lettuce, with a glass bowl of sweet chili sauce as a dip.

They were a little pale, considering the fact that they had been fried, but they were crispy and delicious on the outside and soft and tasty meat inside.

Glazed duck- good but not great
The duck was immersed in sauce and served with lettuce and rice. Funny enough the rice served would have been regarded as a separate dish at my local Chinese restaurant, as it was mixed with vegetables, ham and fried egg - in fact traditional fried rice.

I should have known better than ordering duck. If you are not offered Peking Duck, you are bound to be disappointed.

My duck was good, not great, cooked through, slightly tough  and rubbery, and no crispy crust (that I like) in sight. The sauce was a little bland so this dish was hardly not a culinary treat.

The rice served at Palais de Chine was a dish in itself
So Palais de Chine is decent, but not great. The food is overall good and inexpensive, the interior is what you can expect. But it is hardly my first choice in  this small village.

The Bistro de France on the other side of the street, however, is excellent. If you are in Ferney-Voltaire  and want to dine, try the Bistro Hotel de France. It may be pricey, but the food is awesome.


Palais de Chine
3 Grande Rue, 01210 Ferney Voltaire France
Phone: 04 50 40 92 53

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