Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Morning in Lima, plans ahead

Photo: Interior (nave) of the Cathedral of Lima, Lima, Peru by Bobak Ha'Eri
Good morning - no daylights savings time here, and we have been another hour further away from Europe.

8.15 AM: Plans for the day. The old town with its 550 year old cathedral, palaces, and merchants mansions famous for its wooden balcones. The crypt of the San Francisco monastery church with bones and culls from the last 5 centuries organized in creative works of arts. Reminding us that "Tempus fugit" times flies!!

My friend Ketil visited a similar crypt in Palermo, Sicily. There one whole skeleton had been dressed in a monks robe, one arm pointing out to an inscription:
What you are now, was I. What I am know will you become...... 
Casa de Osambela built 1803 Photo: Manuel González Olaechea
My friend John told me that here's an ancient olive grove in San Isidro just off Arequipa supposedly dating back to the time of the Spanish Viceroys

Spaniards, naturally enough, missed their olives and must have been pleased to find out that Lima has a sort-of "mediterranean climate" where one could continue olive production. 

So there are supposed to be olive trees there that were planted as early as 1560.  The grove goes under the name "Bosque el Olivar".

Tomorrow we fly to Cusco, 10 100 feet above sea level, the capital of the last Inka emperor Atahualpa where foundations of houses still rests on the walls of old inca houses.

But first, breakfast - I will run over to Per-Lizza and buy those scrumptious ciabattas. Yum, yum!!!!

Archbishops Palace, photo: Tetraktys
5.30 PM: Back from the historic centre where we admired the grand cathedral and observed some kind of a political ptotest during morning mass. Then we admired the archbishops palace (1535), the House of Oidor (Around 1700), before walking down to the Convent of San Francisco, where we were given a guided tour of the convent as well as the crypt were bones and sculls were assembled after 200 years of burials in old Lima.

We had a Pisco Sour at Bar & Restaurant Cordano that has served the citizen of Lima since 1905 - a an absolutely charming bar & restaurant with an original interior. This is absolutely a place to return to later in the week to soak in more of the old Lima.

We decided to cook at home this evening as my nephew is getting back to work north of Lima tomorrow as we will catch the morning plane to Cusco. After a short drink at Haiti (a cusqueno), we went down to Vivanda, buying Argentian fillet steak, chorizos to be prepared on the grill. We havde just finished the meal and getting ready to pack for our Andean adventure starting tomorrow.

Stay tuned for stories from Cusco here on Enjoy Food & Travel.      

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