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Peru today - March 21st 2012

Vis Peru April 2012 i et større kart

This is the first short update on Enjoy Food & Travels activities in Peru Lima.

Morning in Miraflores, Lima
2.59 PM EST: Today has been a slightly chaotic experience. We arrived with our KLM flight from  Amsterdam at 7.08 PM local time last night, and had heavy turbulence over the Amazon rainforest. Else the flight was smooth and the comfort was decent, service brilliant. Will write review on my KLM experience later.

San Fernando, Miraflores in Lima is a quiet urban street. We live on 7th floor and have a brilliant view from a large rooftop terrace. I woke up this morning not knowing where I was, opened up my double windows and watched the metropolis bathing in morning mist.

We went to look for a breakfast restaurant, said to be outside our building without finding it, but found the corner shop Per-Lizza in 259 San Fernando bought water, cheese, croissants, butter, and cured ham for 21 Soles, not exactly a rip-off. We ate breakfast at the rooftop terrace.

Photo: Larcomar by Ciudades
Larcomar: Do visit this slightly tourist trap shopping mall embedded in the cliffside overlooking the beach underneath.  

I had my first taste of Cuscuenos, the famous beer from Cuzco at Vivaldino, a fancy restaurant facing the sea. 9 soles for two beer, around € 1,25 per bottle, reflects the price level, even though Larcomar is among the pricier places to drink.

The generous Macedonia ice cream cup my friend Laila ordered ended up at € 6,25, even that a modest sum for great ice cream dessert.

More on Vivaldino's see this video I found on YouTube. We will most certainly revisit Vivaldino for a full meal.....

We lunched at Tony Roma's, and had starter to share and a rubbed steak sandwich with fries for 120 soles, with three cuscenos and one mineral water for two. Very reasonable.

Back in our flat for a rest. This will be updated!!  Stay tuned!!

6.40 PM EST: Have just visited Supermercado Vivanda. Vivanda was an impressive supermarket, nice interior, wide selection of groceries, fresh cheese, meat were packed as you watched ensuring good quality and hygiene.

I bought bacon, cream cheese, sliced edam cheese, salted ham, butter, really, really freshly ground coffe (as I watched the man in the shop grind the whole beans), whole milk, shower gel, and orange juice. Price 96 soles.

Some of the articles I bought will be introduced in one of my later articles on shopping bags of Peru.

10.30 PM EST: We ended the day by going to the Antigua Bodega, just around the corner from where we live. As we were not very hungry, we decided to order just one main course before going back to our appartment. I ordered ravioli with ricotta and spinach in gorgonzola sauce, and Laila chose spaghetti with seafood.

A perfect choice as the portions were reasonable in size and tasted very good. Lailas pasta dish was packed with mussels, vongole, scampi, scallops (with roe - yum!!), and calamaris with olive oil and white wine. Perfect. My raviolis were equally delicious - great filling and the sauce had a pungent taste of blu cheese. Price was ridiculous. We paid 90 soles or € 22 (with a generous tip), and that price included to 33 cl Cristal beer.

The day or the night was concluded on the roof top terrace enjoying an Argentinian Malbec wine overlooking the vast Peruvian capital. What a day this has been!!

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