Sunday, March 04, 2012

Medieval Copenhagen

Model of medieval Copenhagen during winter
Copehagen City museum is located in Fredriksberg in central Copenhagen. Outside the museum you find a model of how Copenhagen looked like in the middle ages.

Model of Christiansborg in the Middle Ages
Copenhagen is said to be founded in 1167 when bishop Absalon built a castle on Slottsholmen, where you find the Danish parliament today. Since then the city has grown to take up most of the south eastern part of the Sjælland island. 

Absalon - Archbishop and Statesman- read story here

The church here may be Hellig Aands kirke
Middelalderbyen (Medieval part of Copenhagen) are made up by Vester Voldgade, Stormgade, Vindebro, Bremerholm, Kirsten Bernikows Gade, Gothersgade og Nørre Voldgade. Copenhagens oldest remaining building is located within the grounds of Copenhagen University that was founded in 1479.

Here are a few old buildings seen during my visits in Copenhagen

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