Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Macchu Picchu

Intihuatana (solar clock) at Machu Picchu, Peru. Photo: Dodo
10.10. PM EST,  March 27th 2012 (5.10. AM CET/DST +1): I have been at Macchu Picchu today, and it was a wonderful experience. Having seen the images from the Sacred City in the Clouds, I have always imagined that they were the works of genius photographers or good photoshop manipulation. That is positively wrong. I have dozens of similar shots in my camera, and it seems that the rays of the sun illuminates the ruins are divine. 

Inca remains in Ollantayntamo. Photo: Stevage
 I am far too tired to tell the story tonight, so the trip as well as the visit will be told in separate stories later, giving priority to Macchu Picchu. I will however update the map of this trip with points of interests, sights, bars, and restaurants.

Another interesting theme is the journey from a lush mountain scenery at elevations up to 3870 meters (11800 feets) down to the tropical jungle of Aguas Calientes and Macchu Picchu 1000 meters / 3000 feet lower seeing snowcapped mountains on our way.

Tomorrow we will se other Inka sights in Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Chinchirro and enjoy a buffet lunch in Urumbamba, so there will be more Inka stories to come, and an equally short report tomorrow as it lasts all day.   

Vis Peru April 2012 i et større kart

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