Saturday, March 31, 2012

Introduction to a tasting menu at Astrid y Gaston, Lima

Yesterday, Thursday March 29th 2012, we enjoyed a 11 course tasting menu at Astrid y Gaston restaurant here in Miraflores Lima. This restaurant has been among the highest ranked restaurants in the world, and the meal was indeed a culinary adventure. 

The restaurant summer menu was priced at 230 soles per person and included the following dishes: 

Sea urchins and scallops
On vacation
(or octopus) 
Trapped in a smoker cylinder
Frutos de verano de los valles del sur 
(or the summer fruits from the south valley) 
Fig cold soup from Chilca
Delicia apple and foie tartar
Cebiche de un amor de verano 
(or the summer's love cebiche) 
Passion, romantic and fleeting
(or guinea pig) 
In a Chinese disguise
(or peruvian white corn) 
Rebel with a cause
Un pez de altura que parece mantequilla 
(or a fish from the deep who looks like butter) 
Peruvian asparagus creamy rice
Artichoke parihuela

Un pez de roca que parece loco 
(or a rock fish who looks like crazy) 
Multicolor quinoas

El placer de la carne 
(or the the pleasure of the meat) 
Beef cheek meat
Crispy potatoes

El mango y su cómplice el camu camu 
(or the the mango and its accomplice, the camu camu
Hidden under a refreshing camu camu layer (rumberry)
Served with coconut tapioca and mint syrup

La manzana castigada 
(or the the punished apple) 
Baked apple in a caramel shell
Served with dulce de leche spread foam 
Sphered apple juice reduction and ginger ice cream 

We were offered a culinary revelaton with so many flavours and textures reflecting the rich culture and the abundance of natural ingredients of Peru. For us to be offered such a exquisite meal at such a favourable price was an extraordinary privilege.

You could choose from a wine menu or two hand picked Malbec wines from Argentina, and we chose the latter. The whole meal ended at around 450 soles ($ 172 / € 126 per person), including a foredrink (three pisco sours)

I will return with a full review with photos of the meal here on Enjoy Food & Travel after I have returned from Peru and have digested all the powerful impressions. For those of you in Peru the coming week I would recommend to make a reservation at Astrid y Gaston. 

If you do not care for such a impressive meal you can choose dishes from the a la carte menu at very favourable prices.

Vis Peru April 2012 i et større kart

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