Thursday, March 29, 2012

Good bye - Cusco, hello Lima!

              Photo: Night view of Cusco's Plaza de Armas by Martin St-Amant (S23678)
 4.50 PM EST, March 29th 2012: We (I land Laila) left Cusco this morning, with deep regret from our both. In fact Laila cried when she arrived and when she left. It has been a very special experience ranking among the most important in our lives.

Our Star Perú flight were scheduled at 1:00 PM today. After the breakfast at the hotel, we packed our suitcase, and went for a stroll around the city.

What a different one day (or rather a night) makes. Whereas the heavens opened up with strong rains yesterday night, the clouds were clear, and we went for a last stroll along the old streets ofthis ancient city, so important in the Kingdom of the Inkas.

Having seen the craftmanship and sophistication of this culture, I asked myself - why did the Spanish infidels win!! What has been lost by the pure greed and destruction of the conquistadors. My big consolation is that the Inka heritage has been blended into the occupation culture. Being the superior it allowed the invaders culture to become a mere varnish over the sophisticated underlining Indian culture. Peruvians today are showing off the Inka to the world as the true owners of this beautiful land.
Photo: Pachacuti statue, Cuzco, Peru by Dger
Well, we walked through the old city, and I managed to take a shot of the centerpiece of the square, the sculpture of Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui (or Pachacutec) as it was standing over the dome of the Jesuit church. I also many photos of the architectural features of the ancient buildings surrounding the square before returning back to the hotel and our waiting taxi to bring us to the airport.

The one-hour flight from Cusco to Lima passed easily and I could, wehere it was clear see the landscape change from the green, lush mountains of the low Andes to the arrid desert by the sea.

I supposed that these huge variation in climate and vegetation is caised ny the fact that the weather on the southern hemisphere moves in an east-westerly direction (as opposed to the west to east in the northern), the mighty mountains stops the clouds releasing their humidity east of the mountains secures ample rainfall to the Amazonian rainforests, keeping the area west of them exceptionally dry.

We passed over tall, snowcapped mountains. I took a great del of photos from the air and hopefully some will be as good that they might illustrate the change in scenery from Cusco to Lima    

Back in our appartment in Calle San Fernando we lunched at Antigua Bodega, choosing risotto with langoustines flambéd in Pernod and served with rocket. We chose a Peroni Nastro Azzurro as a refreshing drink. When Laila chose the traditional Tres Leches as "postre", I added "y il postre para me es un Peroni Nastro Azzurro." In short - I chose another beer for dessert.

Now we are resting in our flat, waiting in supspense for my nephew to return from work to find whether he has managed to book a table at the Legendary Astrid y Gaston. I will keep you posted.  

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