Friday, March 30, 2012

Bosque el Olivar, Lima

Vis Peru April 2012 i et større kart
Today we have visited a true gem from the dramatic era of the Spanish conquest of Peru. The Bosque El Olivar is an olive grove going back 450 years, to three trees that survived the transportation from Europe in 1560.

Bosque El Olivar surrounds the El Olivar Historical Monument. It is a lush park made up of a plantation of olive trees that dates back more than 450 years. It is six blocks long, and serves as a great reminder of Lima’s history and offers visitors a pleasant stroll under the olive trees.

From the three olive trees don Antonio de Rivera, mayor, brought to Peru grew an impressive number of trees and in 1730 there could be verified the existence of 2,000 trees and in 1828 it was overcoming 2,828 trees. According to the census of 2000 there are 1519 olive trees eft in the park.

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