Monday, March 19, 2012

Beach grub in Indian summer

Cosmos Caffe, North Scituate MA. Photo Company website
Last October my nephew and I were surprised by record temperatures. The termometer passed 30 degrees Celsius (86 on the Fahrenheit scale. At that point, I bought a new pair of shorts and the whole family prepared for a day on the beach - and yes! We did have a swim!
The American summer season lasts from Memorial Day,  a United States federal holiday observed annually on the last Monday of May to Labor Day, first Monday in September. I have spent a week in New England around Labor Day for several years, and have experienced similar temperatures, but in October, we were completely surprised.

Before heading for the beach, we went to the mall to buy a pair of shorts. Then we went to Cosmos Caffe in North Scituate to buy some grub and then head for the beach.

At Cosmos Caffe you can order a wide range of grub to be eaten there or take out. As subs are filling, as well as easy to eat, we decided to pick one of the many warm or cold subs.

I ordered the Meatball sub priced at $ 5, and a diet coke (I would have preferred a cold beer, but drinking beer is banned on public beaches. Then we headed for Minot Beach in Scituate, one out of many beautiful sandy beaches on the South Shore of Boston.

The last time I visited it was Halloween and freezing cold, but this October could not have been much different. Summer temperatures had tempted many to find their summer clothes and head for the waves.
What a feeling to bite into a large meatball sub, while seated on a low camping chair, feeling the mild wind from the sea. For my nephew, a first time visitor to the US, this was a taste of how a summers day in New England could be. This freak weather is, however, typical of the climate of the eastern seaboard, as the northern cold winds from Canada, and the mild southern wind of the Caribbean are creating shifting weather patterns.

I loved every minute of my unexpected sub, summer, sun, swim, sea, seagulls, sand, salt, and soda in New England in October!! It has certainly made my winter shorter!!

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