Monday, March 26, 2012

Andes - here we come

                             Colonial style roofs of Cusco  - photo: Colegota
11.10 AM: We are two hours delayed at Lima Airport, as our Star Peru flight supposed to leave 9.30 AM will head for Cusco 11.30 instead. 

We will also visit the Sacred Valley of the Inkas. Photo: Autgang
We were picked up by our cab 6.30 this morning. The fog had started to lift, but now it is back again.

We had breakfast at McDonalds (sorry - but they had the best breakfast deal, at that point), went through security to find a chaotic scene by gate 1-7.

We took our first altitude sickness pills yesterday, and both I and Laila have felt weird the whole day. A prickling sensation in palms and under my feet, and a little drowsiness. Consulting my physician nephew and my sister all this is completely normal.

Now boarding is scheduled to start 11.40 AM, and I will use his occation to say that we ate on our way to the Andes mountains and the Inkas. I'll keep you posted!!

7.55 PM: Landed in Lima around 2.40 PM local time. Was picked up by cab and Fernando a guide slash seller of excursions and driven to our hotel. Was installed in  a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l room at Tierra Viva Saphi Hotel with sitting room, bed room with the widest double bed I have ever seen, and one of the most beautiful bathrooms as well with a separate tub and shower.

Have not been affected by altitude sickness to the extent that I had feared. Shortness of breath not bad, very tiring to climb stairs.

Will not write much today. I am very tired and will drive to Macchu Picchu tomorrow. Will have a light dinner and return here for an early night. This as we have to rise at 04.30 AM tomorrow for the trip into trhe Inka Kingdoms most secretive city.

Vis Peru April 2012 i et større kart

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