Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Sunday brunch tray

My brunch tray
My friend Dagfinn came over last Sunday for brunch. The easiest option for me was to serve bread, crackers and organize different spreads, cold cuts, cheese, fish on a tray. 
Smoked salmon is always a success for lunch. My mothers generation would serve the sliced salmon with scrambled eggs. I chose the Jewish option - Philadelphia cheese with chives would be a good match - you just miss the bagel.

Norwegians love Stilton for Christmas, but after the season has passed, supermarkets sell the rest of their stocked cheese at lower price close to expiry date. I bought a porcelaine jar of Stilton or rather a Cropwell Bishop Shropshire stilton cheese with whisky. A strong cheese as Stilton is great when served with conserves, and I chose a blueberry and blackcurrant jam - a smashing culinary hit.

Blackcurrant and blueberry jam and salmon curled up in the back
A mild, young brie is the completely opposite of the forceful Stilton cheese, mild in taste and exceptionally creamy when reached room temperature, but we discovered tht even this cheese was good served with the jam that made the Stilton swing. 

I love semi-hard cheeses on a tray, as well. A sliced Maasdamer cheese has a sweet, nutty taste to it, and the taste was ehanced further when paired with a smoked salami on a tasted slice of bread.

A glass of leftover pickled mustard herring from Christmas was taken out of my refrigerator to provide a delicious taste on a lunch table. Herring should ideally be served with sliced raw red onions on Danish rye bread, but I chose a crisp rye bread, a very appropriate choice.

What to drink? A cold glass of lager is certainly the traditional Scandinavian choice, and if you are in the mood - take a glass of Aquavit as a digestif, or if just a small buzz!

Velbekomme - as we say in Norwegian.

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