Monday, February 06, 2012

Rating Norwegian Air Shuttle Oslo-Hamburg-Oslo, January 2012

Norwegian Air Shuttle is operating daily flights fromOslo to Hamburg. We were lucky to get a very cheap ticket ending up with a total cost of a little under NOK 900 ($172 / €131). Flying Norwegian is like riding a bus, no much comfort, but you get where you want on time and at low cost, and who could want more. 
Rating Norwegian Air Shuttle Oslo-Hamburg-Oslo: BBBB (3,90 points)
  • Check-in: BBBBB
  • Takeoff: BBBBB
  • Hospitality BBBB
  • Service: BBBBB
  • Comfort BB
  • Complementary drinks etc: B
  • Flying time: BBBBB
  • Arrival: BBBBB
  • Check-ou: BBBBB
  • Duty-free goods: B
  • Price: BBBBB
Flight information:
  • Flight: DY1126
    Date: 20 jan 2012
    Departure: 11:00 AM Oslo Airport Gardermoen
    Arrival: 12:25 PM Hamburg Airport
  • Flight: DY1127
    Date: 23 jan 2012
    Departure: 1:05 PM Hamburg Airport
    Arrival: 2:30 Oslo Airport Gardermoen 
Description of flight:
A few minutes late on departure from Oslo Airport, but both flights on time. Smooth check-in and check out, baggage retrieved with no delay. Good service, serving started immediately after the seat-belt signs had been switched off.

Very little space, practically no leg room and very small space to the seat in front of us, and the seats were narrow as well. On our way down we were allowed to share three seats between us, leaving us with more room on the side as well as an extra table.

No extras at all is offered at Norwegian Air Shuttle flights. Liquor, wine beer, soft drinks as well as a selection of food is for sale at reasonable prices. We were not offered any duty free goods on board, most probably due to the short flight time.

In spite of the discomfort and the lack of complementary goods the Norwegian Air Shuttle flight to Hamburg offered great value for money.  

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