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Rating Imroz, Istanbul

Display of delicious starters at Imroz
We were on our way to see the legendary Pera Palace Hotel on the Galata side, when we started looking for lunch. We walked through narrow alley ways in order to find a restaurant and ended at Imroz.   

Rating Imroz, Istanbul Turkey: BBBB+ (4,29 points)
  • Location: BBBB+
  • Service: BBBBB
  • Interior & atmosphere: BBBB-
  • Food: BBBB
Imroz - interior
Imroz is located in Beyoglu/Pera district, on the eastern side of the Golden Horn. Here you find a labyrinth of small streets with bars, restaurants and shops. 

Imroz is known to be one of the most famous fish-raki-meze restaurants in  in Istanbul.

It has a  rustic and very charming interior with newspaper clippings on the walls, wooden chairs and tables with nice white table cloth. Over the little bar you'll see small flags, including a Norwegian one. Very nice.

The service were great, and gets even better when the staff discovered that we were foreigners - even Norwegian.

Dolmas - rice in win leaves
We were taken over to the impressive selection of meze, small delicious starters and were served the dishes we chose.

These dishes were served in most traditional restaurants. At Imroz, however, the servings were fewer, but bigger than other restaurants, where you served a large number of small delicious dishes to taste.

We chose a wide range of different meze-dishes to share. Small herrings in olive oil, beans in tomato sauce, flavoured bulgur wheat, dolmas, and fried red peppers. Food in abundance and with different delicious tastes, but still light as we were to be served meat or fish as a main course.

Fresh fried fish
Then it was time to order main courses. I chose delicious lamb chops, Susanne picked a serving of fried fish and Per picked Köfte

The fish was served with fresh salad, and the meat dishes with fried potatoes, tomato and one large green, strong green pepper.

My lamb chops were good, but taste felt a little plain compared to all the flavours of the meze dishes.

The meze at Imroz is absolutely worth trying, but the main dishes were as interesting as meat dishes anywhere else. The smaller meze dishes we were served in other restaurants were even more aromatic, so much so that we felt full before the main dish started.

So the four B's are well earned, but the good score is given due to the location and the excellent service.

Hüseyinağa Mh.
Nevizade Sokak 16, Istanbul, Türkiye
Phone: 0212 249 9073

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