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Rating D. José, Hamburg Germany

We had our first meal during our stay in Hamburg at  D. José just around the corner of our hotel in St. Pauli. D. José had a Mediterranean theme follow the interior as well as the food but neither of the interpretations were very convincing. 

Rating D. José, Hamburg: BBB+/BBB (3,38 points - excluded free soup 3,10)
  • Location: BBB+
  • Service: BBBB
  • Interior & atmosphere: BB+
  • Food: BBBB- / BBB-

D. José is located in St. Pauli, a 15-20 minute walk from the city centre and a five-minute walk away from Landungsbrücken S and U-bahn station.

Landungsbrücke station
This is a mixed business and residential area with small shops and restaurants close to the Hamburg harbour.

The interior at D. José is Mediterranean in a Disney fashion  - walls decorated with fake stones and colourful scenery. A fake plastic vine climbing around the bar located in the middle of the restaurant. The interior theme is also reflected in the terracotta coloured tiles on the floor.

We were seated on solid wooden furniture with a generous space around us.

There were nobody at D. José for lunch, except us. That should have served as a warning. We were given good service. We gave our order and were served with no delay.

I ordered tortellini filled with ham and cheese in pesto sauce. My friend Ketil chose a plate of dried sardines.

Free soup - a delicious treat
To our surprise we were served a soup before our lunch. It seemed to be a good foreboding to our coming meal. It was a creamy vegetable-based soup, good balance between salt and sweetness, and topped with deliciously crunchy croutons.

Our main meal at D. José was a disappointment. The tortellinis loced extremely appetizing, immersed in fresh green pesto and covered with light snow flaked parmesan cheese. I could not wait to tuck in.

But! The tortellini were cooked al dente - too al dente. I could have sworn it had the same taste as the dried Barilla tortellinis you buy in your supermarket. This was certainly freshly made pasta!!

These tortellinis may look good, but were not
An I also have serious doubt that the pesto was fresh and the whole pasta experience slided towards disaster as the tortellini started to swell in the mouth when getting to the end of the meal.

The tortellini at D. José was an unpleasant experience, so much so that I rated the meal at BBB- or 2,6 of 5 on my scale. Two factors saving this meal from total disaster were price and presentation.

The rest of the meal deserved the sole one point in my rating system.  The much more favourable rating of 3,7 of the food is given included the delicious free soup.

I will not recommend a meal at D. José. There are countless other restaurants to try in the area. We tried to other and they served much better and equally inexpensive food.

D. José
Ditmar-Koel-Straße 11
20459 Hamburg, Deutschland
Phone: 040 5201-5724

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