Thursday, February 23, 2012

Miss Fan - the ghost of Dimmick Inn

Dimmick Inn is daid to have a ghost that haunts them. Ms. Fan or Miss Frances Dimmick is said to roam around the old building.

Frances Dimmick was the proprietor of the Dimmick Inn. She ran the Inn for her father, who built the establishment in 1828.

The original building was ravaged by fire, but was re-built, under the guidance of Fannie, in 1856.

It was said that; "Miss Fan, like the waterfalls, mountains and streams, was one of the attractions of Pike County." An 1859 advertisement of the Inn claims that under her supervision "the table will be well furnished and the bar constantly supplied with choice wines, liquors and 'segars'".

The Dark Illusions Paranormal Research Team has been conducting a paranormal investigation several places in Milford and also at Dimmick Inn. I do not know whether the video above from YouTube from Dimmick Inn shows anything, but it would be sensational to have caught Miss Fan on celluloid!!

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