Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mediterranean finger food

Mediterranean delicacies on a plate
Turkey and Spain on a 19th century Staffordshire plate in full harmony. I simply love Mediterranean finger food!!

I hope you are not sick and tired of tapas, because here are more of the stuff. I had friends for supper the other day and decided to serve finger food, rather than the customary sandwiches or a hot soup.

I commend the Turks that have moved to Norway. Thanks to them, we have a large number of Turkish delis in Oslo. Here you can choose from finger foods and sweet pastries.

I have a great Turkish supermarket nearby. Istanbul at Hauketo has grown beyond deli, in size, and Turkish when it comes to ingredients, as there are an abundance of ethnic foods for sale from all corners of the world.

I picked out soft mushrooms and hot peppers stuffed with feta cheese and immersed in olive oil. I also bought a packet of exclusive Spanish pata negra, matured, aromatic and exceptionally tender.  In addition to these small dishes I found a can of cabbage roulades stuffed with rice and meat.

I also served a few hot dishes -  baked scallops with bacon, baked Spanish chorizos with sherry, bread and aîoli. All easy to prepare  and exceptionally tasty - perfect when you have little time returning from work a weekday evening. 

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