Thursday, March 01, 2012

Jamies pastasauce with olive and garlic

A celebrity backed brand may be a good indication of a high quality product, but it is gives no guarantee. That was certainly the case with the Jamie Oliver pasta sauce with garlic and tomato
I went to Jacob's, one of Oslo's most best grocery stores the other day. I left with a glass of Jamie Oliver pasta sauce with tomatoes, garlic and olives thinking that his seal of approval would guarantee a high quality sauce for a pasta dish. 
I ended up very disappointed. The Jamie Oliver pasta sauce had a bright red colour and was nice and chunky. The sauce did not have the delicate balance of a good tomato sauce, lacking sweetness combined with too much salt and vinegar it provided a rather bitter tasting experience. 
I know that many tomato sauces has too much sweetness, as the Dole tomato sauce I often use when preparing Italian food. I do, however, prefer a pasta sauce to be on the sweeter side, as this unbalance is easily corrected by seasoned meat or other ingredients. 
However! Waste not, want not! Jamie Oliver pasta sauce with olives and garlic became a key ingredient in a ragú made with pork, Jacob's Beste red wine sauce, and cream, balanced with a fair amount of sugar, but that is a very different story.           

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