Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fried pangasius fillet

A topsy-turvy photo of this dish - the fish and lobster should have been in the foreground, not the rösti potato!!
I invited my friend Ketil to dinner, and improvised a four course dinner. For the first time I prepared pangasius fillet, and I made the dish into a luxury feast, adding lobster, scallops and tiger prawns. Yum!!

My biggest challenge in describing what I do when I cook is that I improvise my cooking. This means that none of my meals taste the same. It also makes it impossible for me to supply cooking facts.

I have never prepared pangasius before. This catfish is mostly served fried, and my friend Terje warned me not to boil or steam it, and I followed Terjes recommendation.

One frozen package contained 4 fillets weighing 360 grams / 13 oz. I mixed flour with seafood spices - I used Tone's spice mix for salmon and seafood. I covered the fillets in flour and spices and fried them 2-3 minutes on each side in hot butter. 

Lobster stew with scallops and tiger prawns

Before frying the fish, I made a very luxurious sauce from one small, frozen Canadian lobster. 365 gram / 14 oz lobsters, as this one, are referred to as chicks in the US. Here in Norway you would never be allowed to catch lobsters this size, as the local Scandinavian stock of European lobster is close to depletion, and small lobsters are left to grow and breed before they are legal catch.  

This Maine lobster is much bigger than the one I used
The amount of meat in a lobster this size is small,  and mainly found in the tail and the claws. Much of the taste is found in the rest of the carcass, and claws providing an excellent base for a delicious lobster sauce.

I plucked the small amount of meat,  and then placed the carcass and claws in a pot with the salt water it had been frozen in. This after I had removed the stomach (close to its mouth) as this may cause severe discomfort if eaten.

Do not boil the stock too long, as this may affect the taste. I allowed it to simmer for 15-20 minutes before draining the stock.

I made a bechamel sauce from the stock adding  single cream as the end. As the base was the salted water I needed a balance and used tomato ketchup, for sweetness, acidity, and the delicious red colour of a proper lobster sauce.  

I had fried 5 large scallops and 10 raw tiger very quickly in a pan, adding them to the sauce literally minutes before serving in order to avoid the shellfish getting tough. The rich shellfish sauce was a perfect match to the fried pangasius fillet.

I served rösti potatoes and steamed spinach aside the fish. 

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