Sunday, February 05, 2012

Arp Schnitger and his famous organs

The famous Arp Schnitger was born July 2, 1648 in Schmalenfleth and was buried July 28, 1719. He was a highly influential German organ builder. 

Arp Schnitger was primarily active in the Netherlands and Germany, where a number of his instruments survive to the present day but his organs can also be found as far away as Portugal and Brazil.

One of his most famous organs is found in Hauptkirche St. Jacobi. It was completed in 1693 and survived the bombings of World War II, and was restored by Jurgen Ahrend.

On this videoclip John Scott Whiteley of York Minster plays Prelude from Prelude and Fugue in D BWV 532 on the famous Arp Schnitger organ in Hauptkirche St. Jacobi.

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