Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toque du Chef Couscous Royal - Royal junk!

Opening another can of Moroccan food is opening another can of culinary disaster. Avoid the Couscous Royal offered by the brand Toque du Chef. It was terrible!
This is how a Couscous Royal is supposed to look like 
This can of Couscous Royal and a can of Tajine de Poulet were bought at Lidl in Hagfors back in October.

I was curious whether the Couscous Royal could match the poor experience provided by the Tajine. I was not disappointed. The Royal experience was even worse.

The original Couscous Royal is based on a rich stew made from different vegetables. lamb shoulder, chicken and fiery merguez sausages. It is one of the most famous couscous dishes, and is a delicious culinary feast. I loved it, as it was served in Marrakech where all the ingredients rested upon the couscous forming a mountain of food.
This is the whole content of the can above!!!
The Toque du Chef Couscous Royal could not be further removed from its source of inspiration.

The amount of meat and vegetables in the can was tiny. If this is supposed to serve 2, as stated on the can it is ridiculous. I suppose they mean that you are going to fill your stomach entirely  with the content of the small couscous container attached to the can (which I did not use) 

The whole content of the can of Toque du Chef Couscous Royal was, by any standard, disappointing. There were no sausages, a few small chunks of stringy chicken meat and beef with bones(!), and a  few cubes of over cooked vegetables and a vast amount of thin - nay, very thin sauce.  
One of the one and one half plates of couscous royal soup
The result was one dinner plate of Couscous Royal and one and one half plate of couscous royal soup.

The content had a overpowering taste of cubes of cheap stock, salt and slightly metallic in taste. The Chef du Toque Couscous Royal just cried out to be adjusted.

I added some runny honey to add balance to the cheap stock taste, tabasco for peppery heat and creme fraiche to thicken the watery sauce. 

The end result tasted better but not good, and I managed to eat it all. Without my adjustments, however, I would have had to throw the content in the bin.  

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For your information: I was not paid to kill this product!

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