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Palm House, Gothenburg

The Palm House in Gothenburg, Sweden is a horticultural gem
I love botanical gardens and in particular green houses with tropical flowers. In Gothenburg city centre you find a horticultural gem, a large green house filled with most exquisite tropical plants and trees.
The Water House
Palmhuset in Gothenburg was built in 1878 and was modeled after Crystal Palace in London. It was commisioned in Scotland and it was designed by Alexander Shanks & Son in Arbroath.

It was totally restored 1980-1985.

There are four greenhouses, and the structure in the middle of the complex is twice as tall as the three other green houses.

The different houses are named the Tropical House, the Water House, The Camelia House and the Mediterranean house.

The tropical house is the largest structure. Here you find large palm trees. The Water house is dominated by a large pool where you can find the famous Victoria Water Lily.

The Mediterranean house contains trees and flowers from the European temperate zone. There is also a house dedicated to the famous camelia flowers.
Here are some of the plants found in the Palm House
A wonderful carpet of green plants covering the surface of the pool in the Water House
Bright red flowers of a begonia plant
A magnificent cluster of pink flowers
The fruit of the cocoa tree
The breathtaking beauty of a camelia flower
Dracaena draco - the Dragon tree endemic to the Canary Islands
The mistletoe is a parasite also found in Norwegian flora
A beautiful white camelia in bloom
The sun rays play with the beautiful flowers of a South African clivia miniata

See location of Palmhuset on this map of Gothenburg 

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