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Moroccan chocolates from Pralinor

Pralinor - Moroccan made chocolate pralines
One of the food stuffs you may bring home from an area outside the EU / EEA is chocolate, as these chocolates I brought back from Marrakech, Morocco.

We found the Pralinor outlet by the Acima Supermarket in Güeliz, the new part of the city. It was one of very few shops open in a mall clearly hit by the recession.

The Pralinor shop looked one of the similar shops in Europe. Here you could pick your own basket and pay per weight or buy a ready packed one, as I did.

There is very little on Pralinor on the net, except one Pralinor shop in Casablanca where they market their products as Pralines Belges. On the Casablanca site the shop is described as
"Pralinor is the specialist in candied chocolates! For a gift or to treat yourself, do not hesitate to push open the doors of this chocolate maker. A large selection of goodies is proposed: rochers, truffles, chocolates sugar free, fruit confections, nougats and sugared almonds – there is something for every palate!"
The pralines were partly made of dark, milk and even white chocolate with different filling. Did they taste good? I found the chocaltes sweeter and harder than those made in Europe. This is my general experience from Morocco as well as Turkey, where they tend to sweeten their pastry and chocolate products more than in Europe.

But all the goodies from Pralinor was consumed, one by one, and now I have only this photo to remember them by.
Pralines from Pralinor were partly made of dark, milk and even white chocolate with different filling
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