Friday, January 20, 2012

Haunted hotels of Norway

When somebody talk of haunted hotels, I always think of England. But even in Norway there is a considerable number of hotels said to be haunted. Here are a few hotels where something supernatural is going on. 
Utstein Kloster (1164)

Utstein Kloster is a 850 year old monestary located at Klosterøya outside Stavanger. It is a conference center. Here you have 18 rooms with a total of 25 beds.

The monastery is haunted by "The White Lady" Cecilie Widding Garmann that died in childbirth in 1759, 25 years old. The story goes that her husband promised her, on her deathbed, never to remarry a promise he held for 20 years. During his wedding, he is supposed to have seen Cecilie in a vision, fell into a coma and died 8 days later.   

Utstein Kloster
Mosterøyveien 801

Elingaard Manor (1749) 
Elingaard is located in the municipality of Onsøy in Østfold County.

The present manor house was rebuilt after a fire in 1749, but the manor has belonged to several noble families from the Middle Ages.

Elingaard is not a regular hotel, but belongs to the Museum of Østfold county but you may stay the night here in the restored bed rooms. If you do, you may see shadows and catch the scent of old perfume, or see doors open by themselves.

Then you will have met Birgithe Christine Kaas, the woman responsible for rebuilding the house in 1749. She is supposed to guard the old manor as the eternal mistress of Elingaard Manor.    
Hald Pensjonat (1795)

Hald Pensjonat is a complex made up by three houses built in the 18th century. It is located close to the village of Mandal, on the southern most tip of Norway.

It is a bed & breakfast during summer. The ghosts at Hald plays the piano, and monk like apparisions have been seen walking the first floor.

Hald Pensjonat
Halseveien 37
4517 Mandal, Norway
Phone: +47 38 26 01 00

Bårdshaug Manor (1860)

Bårdshaug manor was the home of the financier and estate owner Christian Thams. It is located in Orkanger municipality in Sør-Trøndelag county.

There has been many reports on two ladies roaming the many rooms of Bårdshaug manor.

Bårdshaug Herregård AS
7300 Orkanger
Telephone: 72 47 99 00
Telefax: 72 48 19 23

Dalen Hotel (1894)

Dalen Hotel in Telemark county is a fantastic wooden building  in Dragon style built in 1894.

If you are stain in room 17, be prepared to meet Miss Greenfield or "the English lady". She stayed in the room just after the hotel opened, and gave birth to a child there. Miss Greenfield abandoned her child in a box to die there, and went back to England. You can also hear the cries of the abandoned baby in room 17.

Miss Greenfield was tried for murder in England but committed suicide before the trial.

Dalen Hotel
Postboks 54
N-3886 Dalen i Telemark, Norway
Tel. +47 35 07 90 00
Fax +47 35 07 70 11

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