Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grocery shopping in Marrakech II - Acima Supermarket

Acima Supermarket is a fully modern food store with domestic and imported products
The Acima Supermarket is a proof of changing times in Marrakech. Guëliz, the modern part of the city, is home to many secularized Moroccans as well as French nationals and other tourists.

Buy what you need of couscous and other wheat products
I love visiting grocery shops wherever I go. The Acima was no exception, and when entering you might as well be in Europe or America.

Many of the products were either produced in Europe or on licence in Morocco.  

The products are partly standard European products, or Moroccan specialties produced by well known brands. You could, for example, get a mix for the famous Harira soup made by Knorr.

Other products were clearly Moroccan, as couscous and other wheat products that are staple foods of Morocco.  Many of the vegetables were also clearly local grown.

There is also a small section for wine, beer and liquor, products illegal according to Muslim law, and clearly there for the tourists using the supermarket. There is, interestingly enough, a considerable domestic wine production in Morocco, and many Moroccans drink wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks.

What to buy at Acima
Buitoni does not only produce pasta, but also light toast for your breakfast
The Smiling Cow is a well known dairy brand, here with an Arab  variety - processed cheese made from red cheese
Another cream cheese - Coeur du Lait, most probably a domestic dairy product
Small balls of sardines in tomato sauce

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