Monday, January 23, 2012

Fjord Line submit application to sail Langesund to Strömstad, Sweden

Strömstad is a quaint town on the idyllic Båhuslän coast line.
Fjord Line has submitted an application to sail from Langesund, Norway to Strömstad, Sweden challenging Color Lines monopoly on this crossing. 

1,2 million passengers travel from Norway to Sweden past the Oslo Fjord each year. The Norwegian Color Line has until now been the only company offering transportation from Sandefjord, Norway to Strömstad in Båhuslän county, Sweden. Now Fjord Line wants its share on this attractive route from Norway to Sweden.

Fjord Line has recently applied to sail to Strömstad, that is renovating its harbour to acommodate more ferries. This may create cheaper tickets for travelers.

Good luck Fjord Line!!!

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