Monday, January 09, 2012

CRJ-700 may replace Boeing 737-300 on Lufthansa flights from Stavanger

These Lufthansa Boeing 737 will disappear from Sola Airport . Photo: Arpingstone
- 2000 fewer seats each week on non-stop flights to Frankfurt

According to the preliminary flight plan for Lufthansa, all Boeing 737-300 aircrafts operating direct flights from Stavanger Airport to Frankfurt will be replaced by the much smaller CRJ-700. This will mean more than 2000 fewer seats each week, if the proposed flight plan is implemented. 
The official explanation is that Lufthansa are taking all of their 33 Boeing 737-300 planes out of traffic, leaving them with no other choice than replacing them with the much smaller CRJ-700. This will particularly effect economy class travelers, as fewer low price tickets will be available on the smaller jets. 
Lufthansa is currently operating three daily flights between Sola Airport, Stavanger and Frankrfurt International Airport

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