Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The annual open sandwich buffet

Open sandwich with liverpaté as served at Amadeus in Copenhagen
I usually make a open sandwich brunch the first day of the year. As I was away for thid years New Year celebration, I decided to invite a few select friends for a late Christmas Open Sandwich Buffet. 

I usually buy enough food to feed an army. This was absolutely the case this wear as well. Sadly, a mysterious illness seemed to decimate the number of guests, and what was supposed to be five became an intimate party for three.

Here is a few of the sandwiches served. 

Traditional Christmas Sandwich

To make three sandwiches you'll need:
3 thick slices of pork rib with crispy crackling, baked
3 3-inch long piece of Christmas sausage, halved and baked
3 Norwegian Medisterkaker (pork patties), baked
6 tbsp of surkål (pickled cabbage) heated
Tree slices Danish Rye bread

They had run out of fresh pork rib in my supermarked, and had to settle for the ready made rib. I packed the meat in tin foil, and placed in a low oven in order for the meat to stay moist.

Crisp the cracklings on higher temperature and with the fan on. Baked Norwegian Christmas sausage (Julepølse) and Meatballs made from fat ground pork (Medisterkake) in the oven.

Assemble the pork rib, sausage and medisterkake on a buttered slice of Danish rye bread. Top with    Norwegian style sauerkraut made from red cabbage.

Rødkål - Danish style red cabbage, see recipe here 

See recipe for Medisrekaker (pork patties) here 

Sandwich with liverpaté with fried mushrooms and honey roasted bacon with tabasco

To assemble three sandwiches you'll need:
Three thin slices of German rye bread
200 grams / 8 oz of Danish liver paté, sliced
100 grams / 4oz of bacon, diced
25 grams / 1 oz butter
1 tsp honey
Tabasco sauce

Every good cook should make their own their own liverpaté, at least my mum did. I didn't. I bought Danish liverpaté in my local supermarket, because it's very good.

Danes usually serve their paté slightly warm with crispy sliced bacon, pickled cucumber and fried mushrooms. I have found that you get a great result by serving bacon fried with honey and tabasco sauce.    

I settled for cold paté, but fried diced bacon. Arrange the 5-6 slices liver paté on a serving tray. Fry bacon in butter, add honey and tabasco until crisp. Pour bacon over 

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